Worldwide Biopharma® understands that every clinical trial is unique

Biopharmaceutical companies are exploring new types of strategic partnerships to help them save time and money during the most challenging and costly stage of product
development–early-stage Phase I/II, pivotal Phase IIb/III and post-marketing clinical trials.

By working with the right strategic partner for these vital studies, biopharmaceutical companies can greatly increase efficiency in focusing their internal resources on the highest priorities – such as discovery research – while relying on their partners for a broad array of specialized knowledge and infrastructure.

Worldwide Biopharma has positioned itself to be a strategic partner despite study and emerging market complexities.

  • Our principals re-engineered the logistics process for clinical trials in the Latin American Region by creating a specialized division to support this unique service niche.
  • This was a key driver in the operations and business execution of two of the largest logistics networks operating today in the Americas and abroad.
  • Our specialized teams will support your country-specific needs, while maintaining regulatory compliance to timely execute your clinical trial studies.
  • Temperature-controlled packaging is available to guarantee stability of your clinical samples.
  • Whatever the size of your study, we can plan and manage your pivotal trials from the beginning and throughout its duration.
  • Worldwide Biopharma will work closely with your selected clinicians, study management and support teams, laboratory testing or long-term storage vendor to ensure all deadlines are met – reducing costs, minimizing risks and delays, and increasing compliance.
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Every clinical trial is unique, with different sample types, temperature requirements and testing laboratory sites. Few logistics companies are capable of matching this service level complexity with the personalized support of a specialized courier.

Worldwide Biopharma has developed this know-how as a competitive advantage and it centers on our focused talented individuals that will drive, manage, and execute a professional project, meeting customer demands.

Key Features:

  • Priority handling from pickup to delivery
  • Quickest possible transit times
  • Integrated real-time tracking.
  • Customs pre-clearance and shipment pre-boarding.

Options Include:

  • Expertise in global specimen collection, handling, and transport.
  • Door-to-door pick-up and delivery.
  • Transport insurance.
  • Dangerous goods assistance.
  • Packaging and dry-ice procurement.
  • Investigator and local resource regulatory compliance support.