Logistics and transportation in pharmaceutical industry experts

Logistics and transportation have gained great importance for the biopharmaceutical industry, covering all aspects of the life circle of a biological protocol/study from selection, qualification and implementation of clinical investigation sites, monitoring control, distribution of drugs and specialized equipments, as well as all the logistics needed to overcome the local limitations encountered in different locations.

Every clinical trial is unique, with different sample types, temperature requests and testing laboratory sites. Few logistics companies are capable of matching this service level complexity with the personalized support of a specialized courier.

Worldwide Biopharma has developed this know-how as a competitive advantage and it centers in our focused talented individuals that will drive, manage and execute a professional project, meet customer demands.

We incorporate flexibility and scalable enhancements to manage the fast-evolving environment with changes in rules and regulations, freight limitations, customs, and most important time constraints.

Key Features:

  • Priority handling from pickup to its delivery
  • Quickest possible transit times
  • Uplift on first available flight
  • Integrated real-time tracking
  • Customs pre-clearance and shipment pre-boarding

Warehousing & Distribution:

We are well positioned to support your warehouse storage and distribution needs in all participating investigational sites and research locations. Listed below is a comprehensive list of Worldwide Biopharma’s capabilities for our clients:

  • Multiple operations and temperature-controlled warehouse facilities.
  • System visibility of inventory records.
  • Re-stocking.
  • Stock post-assembly for special orders.
  • Validated packaging solutions.
  • Distribution of investigational drug products/vaccines, clinical and packaging supplies.
  • Dry-ice supply, dry-ice replenishment, temperature monitoring, and re- packaging service
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Our success is structured on our ability to respond to specific requirements and our ability to be flexible and adapt to new logistics challenges on a truly global scale